Piarom Date is one of the Iranian Dates Production.

Piarom is known in the world as Maryami dates.

because of the extraordinary taste in the country of Iran, There is also a lot of consumption in the world.

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The origin of Piarom Dates

Piarom dates are cultivated in southern Iran and in the province of hormozgan.

This date in the city of HajiAbad, the northernmost state of hormozgan province, is cultivated with unique conditions.

Piarom dates are cultivated as Mazafati dates in a limited area and does not grow throughout the country.

The city of HajiAbad has also been able to make a global reputation as a result of the date.

In the city of HajiAbad and in different parts of the city, as well as surrounding areas, Piarom grows, which differs from one another.

HajiAbad County has hot and dry weather, which is the most appropriate condition for the growth of Piarom .

In fact Piarom dates have different kinds, although these are very similar.

Piarom properties

The skin and meat of these dates stick together and do not separate each other.

This will help to wash Dates.

This date is of semi – arid so that it has a small percentage of moisture.

When consuming this date, we experience a unique and interesting taste that comes after consuming the first date.

This date is similar to chocolate, so it is also known as chocolate dates.

Most of the sugar in the date is fructose, which is used as fast and fast as the body is consumed.

Sugar, because of its natural nature, can make a lot of health.

It also has a lot of sugar and protein content and has a high nutritional value.

Piarom dates are the most expensive dates in Iran, which is one of the most interesting features of the date.

Piarom in the world is one of the most expensive dates of the day.

It is expensive due to low cropping and also wonderful properties that make these dates one of the most luxurious dates in the world.

Harvest time

The harvest time begins from the last month of the summer to the end of the summer, and lasts for October.

This time is usually in the form of a time limit and may be made changes due to the different reasons for the climatic conditions.

At the time of harvesting, special attention should be paid to the principles and dates of the dates.

For harvesting, it should be noted that these dates do not hit or are not available for insects and pests.

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Maintenance conditions

Due to the inherent structure and low moisture content, these dates are better to be kept in the refrigerator.

This date can be set for daily use at room temperature, but if you want to use long-term use it is better that we Ng·hdray dates in the


Also, if you keep these dates in the refrigerator, it’s best to take the dates out of the refrigerator for 3 hours before taking them.

Also, for the transportation of these dates, it is also necessary to use vehicles equipped with refrigerators and coolers.

Piarom Usages

These dates, as sweeteners and flavors, can replace artificial sugar and sugar.

It can also be used in the production of all types of sweets, jams, sweet snacks and all types of cakes.

These dates can also be used to produce desserts.

Also, these dates are used in chocolate mushrooms whose production is increasing.

In addition, many athletes use a lot of ingredients to enhance and improve their body.

Students and students who do not have enough time to prepare food can also be used as a convenient dish of dates.

Piarom Properties

Piarom be used to improve vision.

The date has a lot of fiber.

This fiber is suitable for digestive and nutritional health.

Also, dates prevent lesions and cancer cells.

It is interesting to know that the date has a lot of vitamin C.

It also contains potassium.

It is also suitable for pregnant women and will contribute greatly to the proper development of the embryo.

In addition, the elderly people are advised to use the Piarom to prevent osteoporosis.

30 g nutritional value of Piarom

163 calories

Sodium 2 g

Sugar 22.5 g

Protein 0.74 g

Packaging of Piarom Date

due to being liked in global markets, Piarom needs to be properly packed.

The basics of date packaging should suit the standards of the day as well as global financial conditions.

There are some hints that the Crystal Company will pay special attention to them.

The issue of packing materials, which should be suitable for food, is of great importance to crystal packaging.

The packaging is present in a given weight that buyers can order to order with respect to the tonnage being asked.

All of the crystal packages also have the standard organization permissions.


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